Daughter of Smoke and Bone Review

Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor



"The streets of Prague were a fantasia scarcely touched by the twenty-first century—or the twentieth or nineteenth, for that matter. It was a city of alchemists and dreamers, its medieval cobbles once trod by golems, mystics, invading armies. Tall houses glowed goldenrod and carmine and eggshell blue, embellished with Rococo plasterwork and capped in roofs of uniform red. Baroque cupolas were the soft green of antique copper, and Gothic steeples stood ready to impale fallen angels. The wind carried the memory of magic, revolution, violins, and the cobbled lanes meandered like creeks. Thugs wore Mozart wigs and pushed chamber music on street corners, and marionettes hung in windows, making the whole city seem like a theater with unseen puppeteers crouched behind velvet."


When I first saw Daughter of Smoke &Bone in Goodreads, I made the mistake to judge the book by its cover (the original cover). I wasn't enthralled, the exact opposite - I wanted to avoid another teenage romance book worth maximum 3 rating stars. Halfheartedly, it made it to my Want-To-Read- List. So, without any expectations and armed with patience, I started reading it.

One day later:



First of all, the Laini Taylor is an authoring genius. Karou's portrait was mystifying, her sketches were clearly displayed before me and all the urban landscapes were enchanting and creepy at the same time. The ending was pitch-perfect, the romance perfectly balanced and each relationship between the characters rang true. Above all though, is that this story is brand new and has nothing to do with any other you might have read until now. Finally!


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