"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" Review

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - April Genevieve Tucholke


When I chose that book through Goodreads, I had no idea what i was getting into. Well, using the Devil as a possible character could always end up as a huge fiasco - but here comes Tucholke's genius to teach me that you don't have to portrait the actual Devil, but if he is what you're searching for, traces of him will be everywhere. 

The story takes place in a town named Echo, somewhere in the US. The first thing my mind drifted upon, was that the plot has something to do with things that used to be, but now only echo's of them remain. And it couldn't be more true. I could not decide what year is it, or what place this is - i just felt like relaxing in the sun like Sunshine, read my books on some old manor's steps like Violet, or even go to the cafe and flirt like Luke would do - and let time go by unnoticed.

Until someone named River West rents the guest house, and i find myself gripped in the endless questioning. Is he the Devil? Or not? My toes curl as Violet begins to fall in love with him, and deep down i believe she could not have done worse - when the story follows an unpredictable turn.



  • 1.Violet White: Violet is 17 years old, born a "natural" painter. She likes reading books. As a part of the once-rich White family the townsfolk would describe her as snobby and distant, something that during the book she considers to change. Her parents have left both her and her twin brother Luke alone, for a year or so, visiting art galleries in Europe and seemingly without caring for their kids' welfare.  Violet is brooding and logical, honest at heart and with a strong temper. She's also a bit cold, humorless and aged beyond her years. She misses terribly her grandmother, Freddy. 
  • 2.Freddy White: Freddy is Luke's and Violet's grandmother, who passed away 5 years before the book's current time. Normally I wouldn't include her to a book's Character's list, but she is an exception as she seems to live through Violet's vivid remembrance. Freddy is described as a beautiful woman in her youth, with strong temperament whose life's complicated turns have a strong connection to the book's plot.
  • 3.Luke White: Luke is Violet's twin brother. When the book starts, Violet makes it wide known that their relationship is pretty terrible - we meet Luke as someone pretty dumb, mean to his sister, without any interests other than body fitness and girls. Later on, it unravels though that the above are just Luke's defense to his major problems - their terrible economic situation, and their abandonment by their parents. 
  • 4.Sunshine Black: Sunshine is the White's only neighbor, Luke's love interest and Violet's "almost" friend. She is pretty, sexy and very very flirty. Through Violet's eyes she seems annoying, but I don't agree. She is lightheaded and plain as a person, but I really like that as she balances out Violet.

    [spoiler]When Violet finds out that Sunshine and Luke really want each other, it made me extremely happy. I don't know why. I just don't know.[/spoiler]

  • 5.River West: I can't decide how I feel about River. A certain attraction was there at first, as I always get to feel for "the bad guys". Then I was so angry towards him when I realized what he's doing, but there was also pity when the truth was uncovered. River definitely is dangerous, a pathological liar and in knee-deep trouble. He is someone that Violet should stay away from, something she realizes without a doubt. But can she?

6. <spoiler>

  • Neely Redding: Neely is River's younger brother, a handsome boy with crooked nose and a fiery temper. He does not share his brother's "glow" but he has the interesting ability to always end up into a fight. He comes into Echo so that he will stop that destruction of a brother, as he always does. He too seems enamored with Violet in the end, though her point of view on that stays unclear. I really do choose him over River - he is much more simple, honest and caring. 



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